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Your Questions Answered!


Q: What is your design style?

A: I would describe my style as romantic, elegant, dreamy, and a little bit whimsical. Of course, I often use gorgeous Garden Roses, Ruscus, and Eucalyptus, but I always try to add in something unique like Orange Clover, (Seen Left,) Succulents, and more! I want each arrangement to be unique and special 

Q: Live flowers or silk?

A: Both! Honestly, I specialize in fresh flowers but if a bride wants Faux or silk for her wedding-- we've done it before and we can do it again! Silk can be gorgeous! The price is usually about the same though, so don't let the price tag sway your decision either way! You choose what you want for your event and we will bring it to life!


Q: Where are you located and do you deliver?

A: I am located in Utah County but I am happy to deliver anywhere in the state! For weddings within Utah County delivery is free! For events outside of Utah County, a delivery fee may be applied. If so, I will outline it in the contract!  

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