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Possibly the number one question I get is about pricing, and I understand why! Especially when it comes to wedding flowers, every detail needs to be planned and budgeted out.

It can be overwhelming!


To make planning a little easier, I have created the pricing sheet below! Please keep in mind, however, the listed prices are just an approximation. Just like every event is different, every floral quote is different! 


I price by flower type, season, and availability, along with the size of the wedding party, number of arrangements, etc. That said, I do try to work with most budgets! If the budget is tight let me know! We can go over options and figure out a way to make it the best experience for both of us!

In the end, each event is priced individually! Pricing is based on a formula that takes into account the price of flowers, hard goods, time, service, and tax. There is a lot to take into consideration with each event. However, I promise to do everything I can to be fair to both of us! I will never charge more based on event type or budget availability! 

My goal is always to deliver an experience and product that fits your every floral dream!

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